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Full hydraulic multifunction drilling rig

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  • BZCD300 full hydraulic multi-function car rig

BZCD300 full hydraulic multi-function car rig


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1.BZCD300 drill is a kind of new type, high efficiency, multi-function hydraulic car rig, it is mainly used for drilling Wells, monitoring well bore, geothermal air conditioning, water and electricity cofferdam grouting, the dam seepage grouting hole, foundation reinforcement grouting hole, open-pit mining, anchoring, national defense engineering, etc. All kinds of deep hole drilling process.

2. The rig is equipped with high power hydraulic motor, hydraulic drill arm, can undertake DTH hammer drilling, and equipped with large flow slurry pump, can realize mud drilling.

3. The mud pump, air compressor, all in the same car chassis, and equipped with foam pump, convenient, efficient, the overall performance is higher than other type drilling rig.

4. According to customer requirements, can be equipped with independent diesel engines, electric welding machine, etc.

5. Can according to customer demand construction chooses the mud is circulating drill, pneumatic DTH hammer drilling, air circulation drilling machine, hydraulic DTH hammer drill, and other process.

The depth of the drilling300M

Hole diameter: 500 MM

Dimension: 12000 * 2550 * 3500 MM

The weight: 26000 KG

The name of the




Automobile chassis

Special chassis

庆铃 6*4




The bearing capacity of tower: 25 t

Two hydraulic cylinders

Oil cylinder rig height: 6 m


 Ascending to the oil cylinder



Pull up: 12T  Pull down: 20T


Hydraulic leg



The four hydraulic leg

Equipped with hydraulic zobah valve, avoiding hydraulic valve leakage

The drilling power


Chassis take force



1 t lift

Power head



Torque: 8500 nm

Speed: 0-90 RPM

Foam Pump: 



Traffic 42 l/MIN

Pressure: 4 mpa

Improve the efficiency of drilling cuttings up and down, the impacter cooling and lubrication


Work station


Integrated work station

Lift the boring tower, support oil cylinder, lift, power first

The system pressure gauge, etc.

Air compressor


Pressure: 2 mpa flow: 29 m3 / min

Mud pump



Traffic: 600 l/M pressure: 3 mpa